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Learning Colors and Shapes

開発者 Nithra

Our coloring game helps the kids to learn the colors and also to differentiate the various colors based the given objects. This app induces the curiosity of the children to learn and also to find out the given colored objects and shapes. The app shows few colored objects or different shapes at the bottom of mobile screen and the kids have to match the objects with relevant colors or shapes. Kids learning and coloring game comprises of two major parts. One part helps the kids to be familiar with a range of colors as well as colored objects. The coloring section has divided into three sections such as LEARN, PRACTISE and TEST. This section facilitates the kids to recognize the color of the given object & drag it to appropriate place and also provides paint through section.Another part comprises of different shapes. Varieties of shapes are there and so it’s too tough to identify the exact name of a shape. To eliminate these difficulties, this learning shapes app offers Audio assistant for the kids. Features:1. Guessing Colors based on the given objects2. Attractive colors3. Numerous shapes4. Exciting colored objects 5. Audio Assistance 6. Easy User interface (Touch and Drag) 7. Completely free app